RTCA is a two-day annual conference where air quality, public health and transport professionals, in both the private and public sectors, share their experiences of improving traffic emissions

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29th-30th October 2018 - Birmingham Conference & Events Centre

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24th-25th October 2017 - Birmingham Conference & Events Centre


Day 1

Prof Roy Harrison (University of Birmingham) – Sources and trends in PM5, the good news and the bad
Dr David Carslaw (University of York) – What do European trends in ambient concentrations tell us about road vehicle emissions of NOx and NO2?
Prof. Jonathan Grigg (Queen Mary University of London) – Air pollution and children: What we know and what more we need to know

Air quality trends
Prof. Frank Kelly (COMEAP/ King’s College London) – Health effects of NO2: Do these differ from those associated with PM5 exposure and, if so, how?
Nadine Allemand (CITEPA) – Air Quality in France: Trends, projections and key measures for improvement

Public health
Audrey de Nazelle (Imperial College) – Active travel: Benefits and trade-offs
Dr Francis Pope (Birmingham University) – Using low-cost particle sensors for characterisation of urban air pollution: insights from Birmingham and Nairobi
Dr Adrian Phillips (Birmingham City Council)- Clean air is a right not an option 

Air quality planning
Rose Grogan (39 Essex Chambers) – Is air quality taken seriously in planning decisions?
Dr Claire Holman (IAQM) – Ashdown Forest: Implications of recent legal judgements
Dr Chris Fields (Manchester Metropolitan University) – Nitrogen deposition dose: Response relationships for habitats

Drinks Reception
Councillor Lisa Tickett (Birmingham City Council) – Every citizen’s right: Right to clean air

Day 2

Keynote Address
Sir David King (former Chief Government Scientist) – Air Pollution from NOx: Origin, health impacts and regulatory requirements

Health & Policy
Prof. Paul Cosford (Public Health England) – Air quality and the public’s health
Nick Molden (Emissions Analytics) – Can Euro 6 alone be a robust basis for air quality policy?
Dr Nicola Carslaw (York University) – Indoor air pollution and why it matters

Low emission solutions
Polly Cook (Leeds City Council) – Developing an air quality solution for Leeds
Andrea Lee (Client Earth) – A final plan for tackling nitrogen dioxide in our towns and cities
Daniel Marsh (Kings College London) – London Low Emission Construction Partnership: Building a Cleaner Future for London
Andrew Benfield (Energy Saving Trust) – Plug-in vehicles and the transition to low emission road transport
Alun McIntyre (Amec Foster Wheeler) – Indirect emissions from a future UK ULEV fleet: An holistic view

2016 - Bristol

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22nd - 23rd October 2015 - The Grand, Bristol

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